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My ministry in Haiti is basically self-supporting.  I have a very modest income that covers my basic needs.  However, from time to time there are significant expenses that this income will not cover.  Living here presents costs that I would never have anticipated.  At those times I must draw on my savings.

A recent case in point is electrical power.  Without a personal system one simply is at the mercy of the public power utility that many days supplies electricity for only a few hours, and some days not at all.  Even when electricity is available, at times it is so low grade that it will not power some devices, including my laptop.  I can adapt to many of the ramifications of this.  I have adapted to making maximum use of the daylight hours for my activities.  I use an oil lamp in the evening, although my aging eyes find this inadequate for fine work or reading for any length of time. But my laptop is so essential to what I do that I decided personal power was a must.  Even though I opted for a very modest solar system, capable of powering my laptop, recharging my phone and my camera batteries, and perhaps providing a low-energy light and a small fan to make sleeping a bit more comfortable, the cost exceeded my total income for the month.

Another cost is documentation.  Haiti requires foreigners to have a permit to stay here, a Haitian driver’s license, and assorted other supporting documents.  Some of these are very expensive, and all must be renewed annually.

These costs have been offset in part by finding ways to reduce my living costs.  I accept relatively modest housing.  I shop in the market as much as possible.  I buy second hand whenever I can.  I have negotiated the cost of my prescription medications into an employment benefit.  I often walk instead of taking a taxi to get around.  I eat Haitian food rather than bear the cost of American cuisine.  I do my own laundry by hand.  But most of these are small savings.

So if anyone wishes to support me personally it would be appreciated.  It would also allow me to expand my ministry into areas I can presently not even consider.  If you choose to be a part of what I am doing, you may do so by making cheques payable to Zion United Church adding the clear notation “For Barry Procter” and mailing it to Zion United Church, Box 370, Armstrong, BC   V0E 1B0  In addition, please send me an email that you have made a donation as I likely will not see it until I am visiting Canada.

Thank you and God bless.

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