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Travel Haiti via the Web

July 26, 2014

I stumbled upon a gorgeous website by Brice Foundation International denouncing the ongoing negative publicity campaign against Haiti and extolling the beauty of the country. It is a feast for the eyes that made me long to be on a crowded, dilapidated school bus, making the bone-jarring journey over a potholed road to some jewel hidden in a corner of the country I have not yet seen.  I encourage everyone to visit this site. You may discover one of the many reasons I love Haiti.!discover-haiti/c16v6


I have one problem with this organization however. They post a very aggressive privacy policy warning others not to use anything from their site without explicit permission. Yet they have seen fit to appropriate some of my photos without so much as a how-d’ye-do. A double standard if ever I saw one!


Stephanie Curci, host of the website Mapping Haitian History, has also made extensive use of my photos. She, however, contacted me beforehand, and prominently credits me on her site. Stephanie and I have had an ongoing collaboration for some time now, sharing information and stories of our travels. She was the inspiration for some of my excursions, particularly my slog to the coffee houses at Kotad (One More Coffee House Before I Go (To the Valley Below) April 18, 2013). I would have not been able to find them without her guidance. Drop in on her as well.


For a Ayitiphile (my self-coined word for a lover of Haiti) the bulletins put out by ISPAN, The Haitian National Institute for Historic Preservation, are a treasure trove. These bulletins are published in French, but links to rather rough English translations can be found on the GALRI website at


The bulletins feature historical architectural sites in Haiti, and provide what I believe to be the most carefully researched and highly detailed information about them.


Bon voyage. Enjoy your online travels!

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