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Moving to DST, Haitian Style

March 10, 2012

No sooner had I made my last post than I received an email from the Canadian Vice-Consul.  It seems the Haitian government has decided to move to Daylight Saving Time.  Starting tomorrow.  Apparently the decision was made Wednesday.  But I spent the afternoon today with the Vice-Consul, and he was seemingly unaware of the change at that time.  The news bulletin he forwarded was timestamped 6:44PM today.  I wonder how many people are aware of the change.

Will church tomorrow be at 10AM EST or EDT?  Will the cellphone service providers have had enough warning to make time adjustments for time displays on phones, the most common way of telling time here?  In Canada there is always considerable confusion every time the time changes, even though everyone knows it’s coming months ahead.  It should be interesting here tomorrow.  And on Monday.

For me it’s a bit of a drag.  As just about everyone I communicate with lives in areas that move to DST, and Haiti has never done so, I was looking forward to closing the time gap an hour.  That would make it more likely that I would get the emails you send in the evening while I am still awake, and therefore be able to reply immediately.  But that is now out the window.

But there is an upside.  At the  end of the day I will get an extra hour of daylight.  I will really appreciate making my tap tap ride home in daylight.  But the onset of darkness is usually the signal to my usual visitors that it is about time to head home.  So they will likely be with me for an extra hour.

For most people who live around me, I believe, this won’t make too much difference.  Life here is scheduled by the sun, not by the clock.  Activity is determined by light or lack thereof.

I kind of think that this change was the Haitian government bowing to American pressure.  Again.

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