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My Kitchen: Talk Much, Sit Long, Eat Well

February 25, 2012

I promised pictures of my renovations some time ago, but keep putting it off because nothing is totally complete.  I have now decided I will show you my kitchen, though it is not quite done.  That may take some time, as I am having trouble finding paint in the colour I want for the counter.

This is what my kitchen looked like when I rented the house.  The only limiting factor design-wise was the sink connections.

The guys are starting to build the counter.  There certainly was enough help. They had a little difficulty understanding my design, but when they caught on they liked it.








Have you ever seen anyone actually use a frame saw?  This guy is a pro.  He is cutting out the opening for my sink.








This is my bright little kitchen now.  Tucked into one end of my little house, it has the snugness of a galley on a ship.  Shelves instead of cupboards, cooking tools hung within easy reach, not much countertop, but everything in its place and useful, from the smallish double sink with its built-in stainless draining board to the small-sized propane stove and the picnic cooler “refrigerator”.  The dining table will double as a work surface.  If you look carefully you will see I installed a faucet under the sink for filling buckets for my water filter and for laundry.




















The table I had built is great.  It’s like an antique with tool marks and little dents where nail holes have been filled.  I love it!  I find it a tad high, however, as Haitian chairs tend to be tall (or very short).  I will cut down the legs a bit to make it more comfortable.

I thought I’d throw in a picture of my laundry.  The white bucket and Rapid Washer (the blue plunger thing) are my washing machine.  The bucket serves as the tub, the Rapid Washer as the agitator, and I am the motor.  It does the job.  For stubborn dirt I have my washboard.  The basins serve as rinse tubs.  I usually have spectators to watch me do laundry as my way is different than what Haitians are used to seeing.  My solar dryer works great, especially when wind cycle is available.

I had my well cleaned so that I can use it when the water supply quits.  These guys spent all day bailing it out with a bucket on a rope.  Every once in a while the tall guy in the red shorts would shimmy down to the bottom (about 20 feet), dig out the mud and debris and load it into the bucket to be hauled out.  Not a job I’d want to do.  When they were done the water was pretty clean.

I will take some more pictures as things progress and keep you updated.

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  1. Darren Bezanson permalink
    February 26, 2012 1:44 pm

    Barry Love the kitchen and all the great work you have done!!! Simple yet effective!!!

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