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Sweet Memories

December 5, 2011

I am sitting on my patio writing this because I have been ousted from my house.  Yesterday a couple of Fritzner’s friends came over and they cut some honeycomb from one of the hives in the banana garden.  They gave some to me.  It was a real treat sucking the honey out of the comb.  I set some aside for later.

This morning I squeezed some more of it out onto some fresh bread I bought from a local lady.  Again, delicious.  I went out for a few minutes to talk to my electrician, and when on my return I opened my door, the kitchen was filled with hundreds of bees.  They had found their honey and they were taking it back!

I learned long ago that bees are gentle creatures.  They are not aggressive; if you do not disturb them excessively or threaten them directly, they won’t bother you. They are, however, curious and they will buzz around trying to decide if you are of any real interest.  One must remember that should a bee sting, the stinger will tear out part of its body and it will die.  A bee that stings sacrifices its life for the others of its colony.

The event brought to mind pictures of my daughter at about three years of age.  We were living in a tiny house north of Winnipeg, and across the road from us a neighbour kept bees to pollinate the canola fields.  However, he did not provide water for them, so they were frequent visitors to our home.  Since they were almost always present, we taught Meaghan not to fear them and how to behave around them so they would not harm her.  We explained that like our goats, pigs and chickens, and our dog and cats, the bees needed water.  I can still see her as she would carry pans of water outside so that the bees could drink and would crouch down beside the pan, bees swarming all around her, watching them thirstily accepting her offering.

I carried the pan with the honeycomb, covered with bees, outside, but undoubtedly there are minute traces of honey still in the kitchen.  The bees are determined to get every bit.  So I will wait for them to finish.

PS  For those who are waiting to hear more about my new home, I am working on that post.  Things have been very busy for me, so please be patient.

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