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He Answers Without My Asking

November 27, 2011

I thought I would write a brief post about a couple more incidents of God providing almost as soon as I perceive a need, or even a desire.

A few days ago I was at home doing some research for my work at the nursing institute.  I was reading about Sainte Thérèse Hospital in Miragoâne in southwest Haiti.  This tiny facility, built as a dispensary, is the only referring hospital for the Department (Province) of Nippes, which has a population of over 300,000.  I was wondering out loud to our houseguest, Carol Ann, how they could possibly cope.  I told her I would very much like to see the hospital, but as it is quite far away and I have no vehicle, that probably wasn’t going to happen.

On Friday, Dr. Gilles Delatour walked into my office at the nursing institute.  I had met him at our opening and very much liked this young man.  It turns out he is coordinator of the AIDS program at Sainte Thérèse.  When I mentioned I would like to visit the hospital he said he would be pleased to give me a guided tour.  When I told him I had no way to reasonably get to Miragoâne, he immediately offered to arrange everything.  Undoubtedly you will be hearing about my visit in the near future.

I had also been trying to figure out how to get to Port-au-Prince to do some shopping occasionally and to attend to business from time to time.  I can take a tap tap or a publik, the buses that run from city to city, and although that would be a bit of an arduous trip, I could handle it.  My real concern was not knowing my way around the city very well.

Today as I was waiting for a tap tap to go to Pierre Payen, a young Haitian couple in a van pulled over and asked where I was going.  When I told them, they offered me a ride.  Frantz spoke some English, and we managed to communicate quite well, both of us speaking a blend of English and Creole, often shifting from one to the other in mid-sentence.  He told me he operates a van service between Saint Marc and Port-au-Prince Monday to Friday, and that he and his wife were just out for a Sunday drive, a busman’s holiday as it were.  I asked him exactly where in Port he went and he told me he was willing to be flexible to his riders’ needs.  The fare for this service is quite reasonable.  As he was dropping me off we exchanged telephone numbers so I could reach him.


Have you been holding back from a risky, costly course to which you know in your heart God has called you?  Hold back no longer.  Your God is faithful to you, and adequate for you.  You will never need more than He can supply, and what He supplies, both materially and spiritually, will always be enough for the present.

James I. (J. I.) Packer

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