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Mad Dogs and Englishmen

November 14, 2011

I hear things through English filters tuned to the familiar. I have mentioned Dr. Apollo of COPSA to you a few times I believe, but today I learned his name is actually Dr. Appolon.  Since I know the doctors now visit this blog, my apologies to him again.  I have edited the offending posts to make the correction as promised.  In addition to that, I have been referring to our charming recently arrived houseguest in Citè Dalencourt as Caroline when her name is really Carol Anne.  I hope I have spelled that correctly.

This morning I went to the tribunal in Montrouis with my landlord, Frantz, to draw up a lease.  That’s the way things are done here.  A magistrate wrote up the contract, we signed, the lease money changed hands, we each received a copy of the lease, I paid the clerk the appropriate fee and that was that.  Tomorrow I pick up the keys and the house is officially mine.  My plan is to put some paint on the walls over the weekend.

This evening Dr. Felix gave me a new assignment that will keep me busy for awhile.  Soon after I confirmed him as a Facebook friend, he discovered my blog and was impressed with what I had written about the nursing institute.  Now he tells me the doctors want me to design a website for COPSA.  I explained to him that I really don’t know much about the organization other than what I see at the school.  I have looked on line and found only what I myself have written.  There is no printed material available to the best of my knowledge.  So the doctor is going to arrange a gathering for me to meet all of the stakeholders.  There I will be able to ask them questions to learn what I need to know to start on the website.  My problem is that coming up with questions about something about which I have little knowledge is not easy.   So I find myself in a familiar position:  I am being asked to do something for which I have no experience.  However, as ever, Dr. Felix has great confidence that I can meet their expectations.  I know that a few of my readers have some expertise in this area and I would greatly appreciate any advice anyone can give me.  Or even if any of you knows someone who knows their way around website design, ask if they would contact me.

Bill’s inverter finally arrived and today he got it hooked up to the batteries he bought last week.  So this evening we have power even though the public lines are dead.  The water utility sent someone out today to inform us that they will be here tomorrow to resolve our water problems.  Life will be a little easier.

Walking through Saint-Marc in the noonday sun tweaked memories from my metal working days.  I haven’t determined whether this is a stroke of genius or a symptom of the onset of heat stroke.  In order to relieve internal stresses in steel, to toughen and harden it, and to make it more workable, it is annealed.  This process involves heating and slow cooling.  Perhaps that is what God is doing to me here—annealing me, making me more malleable.  He is certainly exposing me to the heat.  I am looking forward to the cooling process,  I just haven’t figured out how it will take place slowly.   The flight at Christmas from Maize Gate Airport will have to be my cool down, because the moment I step outside the terminal building at James Armstrong Richardson International in Winnipeg I will probably be in a deep freeze.  And if heated steel is chilled suddenly, it turns as brittle as glass.

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