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Always Another Project

October 27, 2011

While getting into my latest read, Annie Dillard’s An American Childhood, I have been luxuriating in the cooling breeze from the pair of little fans I found in the market today.  They will add greatly to my comfort.  Fortunately tonight we have power so I can enjoy them.  Today I built a frame for my bed out of white PVC plumbing pipe, not to support the bed, but to keep my mosquito tent from settling over me as I sleep allowing the little bloodsuckers to make a midnight snack of me.  My next objective is a reading lamp.  My vast experience at ferreting out items at garage sales and thrift stores, combined with some really effective haggling techniques I have learned, is paying real dividends for me in the market.

I have have decided to map the city of Saint-Marc.  I had searched on line and found the usual Google maps, but they lack street names and have few landmarks indicated.  In other words they are pretty much useless.  So today as I walked I sketched little maps in a notebook and added any street names I came across.  Despite my earlier impressions, the names are there.  They’re not at every intersection mind you, and you have to really learn where to look for them.  I also marked in important buildings and other significant landmarks, as well as businesses I frequent.  I expect I will have enough information in a week or two to come up with a serviceable map.

Another project I have initiated is researching the forts of Haiti.  My excursion to Fort Delpeche earlier this year whet my appetite to see more.  Haiti has more than 50 forts and palaces, but finding much information about many of them is not easy.  If some visitor has taken the time to post a few pictures, that is usually the extent of it.  I found it interesting that the most significant information on the Internet about Fort Delpeche is what I posted in my blog.   There is a project underway to catalog the forts, but it appears as if it is being done by someone who is not in Haiti.  They are merely compiling the information that is already on the Web.  My goal is to take some time to visit as many of the forts as possible, take photographs, and collect all the information I can.  That will not be overly difficult; this is a small country and I can get to anywhere in it within a few hours.  Another factor that makes things easy is that many of the forts tend to be clustered into a few areas.  Perhaps there is a book here; the only one I could find on the subject is far from stellar.

Good things seem to be short-lived.  The power just died; so much for my fans.  I must get my solar panel up.

The doctors were impressed with the pictures I took of the nursing institute and wanted me to take a few of them.  Tomorrow Dr. Felix would like me to try to do some videos of the classes in session.  This weekend I hope to spend some time getting some representative shots of Saint-Marc to share with you as well.


Dr. Felix

Dr. Appolon

So what's the prognosis?

If it is God who sends you, he’ll pay your expenses.

Haitian proverb

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