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School Pics

October 21, 2011

I thought some of you might enjoy some of the pictures I have taken at the school. The students and teachers certainly did.

The students begin to gather for morning assembly before classes.

This is Lorvens, my one-on-one student. I find him bright and interesting, He is starting to work well for me.

Mr. Delson and Mr. Ritchie. I work in Mr. Delson's class.

Daria and Jean Phillipe hard at work.

One of the younger students working through his break.

Trying to work together on a group project. The boys seem to have a harder time with that than the girls do.

A visiting craft teacher explains what she wants the students to do.

Emsley and Lubens enjoy the lunch prepared by the school's cooks.

Football is the game of choice during breaks.

Some of the girls give the guys a run for their money.

No matter where, girls (and boys) play in the same way.










This is not a typical Haitian school.  It is an American Christian school taught in English using an American curriculum.  The teachers are better educated than would be typical in most Haitian schools.  The students, more than a hundred in all, come from fairly well-to-do families.  Many have lived in the US and will return there.  Haiti simply cannot offer what would be required to hold them.  The school does however share some commonalities with other schools here: there is a clear lack of even the most basic  of needs; the teachers, although better than most and very dedicated, have a formal education that barely surpasses that of the students they teach.

I believe education is the hope for Haiti.  I applaud the president’s expressed desire to see significant advances in the country’s educational system.  But lacking adequate resources I cannot see how the initiatives he envisions can become reality.  Haiti needs outside help in this as in so many other areas.

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