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My Haitian Prayer

October 13, 2011

Last night, in one of my more contemplative moods, I decided to put to use what I learned a year or so back in a workshop on writing prayer, and sat down with my laptop to put the desires of my heart into words.  I would like to share the result with you.

Father, grant that I may have and open mind, a tender heart and a grace-filled soul to receive Haiti.  Give me the strength I need to immerse myself in life here, the courage I need to endure the adversity I encounter, the faith I need to hold fast to the knowledge that you called me to this work, that you love me immeasurably, and that you are always with me here in Ayiti.  Help me to always engage her people with as much honor, respect and dignity as I can muster.  Teach me to love your Haitian children as much as you do. Give me the honesty to receive their gifts of wisdom with heartfelt gratitude and the humility to always be mindful that my gracious hosts have far more to teach me than I have to teach them.  Help me to consistently offer the gift of being present, to listen and to learn all I can from these passionate people.  Help me to be respectful of the rich culture of this country in which I am a guest and keep me from trying to impose my own. Encourage me to offer assistance where I can in a spirit that is not so much about doing for them as it is about spending time with them, sharing in the lives of my Haitian brothers and sisters. Let me seek less that I may offer more.  Help me always to live in a way that reflects Jesus to those I encounter.  Forgive me when I fail in any of these things, for we both know I will from time to time.  Help those whom I offend with my arrogance and presumption to forgive me.  And Lord, keep me mindful that no one has to bring you to Haiti.  You have been here since you created it.

Feel free to add your own prayers to mine.  I thank God for you all.

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