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God Always Provides

September 29, 2011

The pieces are beginning to come together.  By tomorrow evening I will be ensconced in Saint-Marc in the home of Bill Cannon and his wife, a missionary couple from the US.  I had never laid eyes on Bill until today, and have yet to meet his wife.  This apparently temporary arrangement will allow for a less harried search for a house.  Their home is within walking distance of Saint Nicholas hospital where I will start to work in the next few days.  I have had ongoing conversations with Chris and Lisa Carpenter, but contrary to my understanding, the hospital administration has not yet decided exactly where I will fit into things.  Apparently they don’t often get someone showing up on their doorstep offering to help.

The Cannon’s house is large and gracious, sitting high up on a hillside overlooking the city.  I will occupy a room off the kitchen and have my own bath.  The house, however, suffers from some typical Haitian problems.  Electrical power is infrequent and the voltage is so low as to make it unusable for many things.  The Cannons have a generator but reserve its use for their work due to the cost of running it.  Water is unreliable as well, but as do many homes here, it has a cistern where one can pull up buckets of water if the roof tank is depleted.

Bill was delighted to learn that I like to cook as he tells me they have not been eating well.  His wife is often too tired after her days at the school where she works and Bill tells me he is no cook.  Apparently they have not adapted to using local ingredients either.  The kitchen is wonderful.  I believe this will be a very satisfactory arrangement.  God provides.

Tomorrow I will search for the things I need to live – a bed for starters.  I am also considering a personal power system – a couple of deep cycle batteries, an inverter and a battery charger.  If I can take advantage of the generator which apparently runs for some part of almost every day, I should be able to keep the batteries charged and so be able to keep my computer, my phone and my camera batteries charged.  Hopefully it would also allow me a fan and a lamp.  Again, I know God will provide.

I will also arrange for Internet service so that I can continue to keep in touch with all of you.  A new service provider has entered the market and I have heard nothing but good things about their service.  Apparently it is faster, more reliable and a good deal cheaper than it’s competitors.

My frequenting the city on my own over the past several days has helped me to know it a bit better.  Through using the public transportation system I have figured it out – tap taps in and out of the city and moto taxis within the downtown area.  A moto will take one out of the city if one chooses, a faster option but more expensive.  Lately I have opted to walk downtown from the tap tap station; it’s a bit of a hike but I enjoy being part of the city’s bustle and the exercise is good for me.  I have come to prefer walking; I see a lot more and feel a greater connection to people and things.

I have had occasion to wander through the market a few times and I am beginning to recognize a modicum of order in the chaos.  I have been pricing out the items I will need to set up my own house if and when that happens.  When the time comes to make purchases I will acquaint Jean Hilaire with exactly what I want and he will make the purchases with me nowhere in sight.   A white face is an invitation to raise the price of just about anything.  I don’t mind paying a bit more, but getting ripped off rankles me.

I have been thinking of lending a small hand once in awhile to Al and Bev at their children’s home.  I love the kids and I have gotten to know Al and Bev quite a bit better over the last couple of weeks and enjoy their company.  A few days ago I joined Al in taking four of the kids for a walk along Baie de Saint-Marc to a spot where they enjoy a swim in the ocean.  I definitely want to do this walk again with my camera.  Coral abounds and there are some beautiful vistas.  I also saw my first tarantula on this walk.  Visiting in MacDonald also provides opportunity to see Jean Hilaire and others I have come to know there.  The neighbourhood kids know me and know that I always have time for them.

As I was walking in Saint-Marc today I became very aware of the deep peace and sense of wellbeing God has given me through all the changes in my life over the last ten months.  It is such a special feeling to know that I am where I am meant to be.

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