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The Children God Has Blessed Me With

September 25, 2011

Over the months I have been writing this blog I have talked a lot about the children here.  I love them.  But I want all who read this to know that I have four absolutely incredible children back in Canada of whom I am so proud.  They fill my heart with such joy.  I am always amazed that they turned out so well with me as their father.

Dylan, my eldest, is currently enrolled at the University of Saskatchewan at Saskatoon, doing post-graduate studies toward his master’s degree en route to a doctorate in philosophy, with an eye toward a professorship.  I don’t talk to him much about what he is studying because his understanding of it boggles my mind and I can never hope to carry on an intelligent conversation about it.  But we share our hearts with one another on a variety of other subjects.  He has worked very hard and maintained a full-time job throughout the course of his studies.  I see in him my love of learning and of ideas, my compassion for troubled people and my gentleness.

Christian reflects my heart in other areas.  He is an accomplished artist who always believes he can do better.  Like most artists, he does not make his living at it; he has long been involved in restaurant management.  He understands that community is far more important than material things and has chosen to live in the North End of Winnipeg, historically and presently the refuge of immigrants and the poor.  It is also the birthplace of the politics that has shaped Manitoba.  Recently, along with his younger brother, Sean, he has developed a campaign ad for a candidate in the upcoming provincial election.  I think it is truly outstanding.  You can view it at   Judge for yourself.

Sean developed his artistry in a different direction.  For years he honed his craft as a pyrotechnic technician.  His career culminated with back-to-back wins for himself and his partner at Vancouver’s Celebration of Light, a fireworks competition for the best in the world.  No one had ever accomplished this before.  I was present for both performances and they were spectacular.  He brought the art to a new level by moving beyond choreographing the pyrotechnics to music, developing a display that told a story.  Having retired from that career he has spent some time travelling the world much as I might do, not as a tourist, but close to the people.  I see in him my accepting attitude toward people and my quiet laid-back approach to life.

Meaghan, my daughter, is a fantastic mother to my two granddaughters.  Under her guidance these girls will grow up to be women who think for themselves, are not afraid of the world, and who will definitely be unconventional.  Meaghan is always up for a challenge.  Some time ago the restaurant where her partner, Mark, is chef, experienced staffing difficulties.  Meaghan stepped in to help out and quickly became day manager.

While I am proud of my children’s accomplishments, what I am most proud of is who they are as people.  I couldn’t have wished for more.  I love you, kids.

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