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Intentional Musings

August 13, 2011

I’m not sure just how I came up with the subtitle for my blog, “Missionary Musings.”  It was not something I chose very purposefully, but rather just one of those “out of nowhere” thoughts that often come to me.  As I was setting up my blog there was space for a subtitle and that’s what popped into my head.  I didn’t really like it a first.  But I have come to recognize that it really fits, for that is exactly what my posts are from time to time — musings.  They are not finished ideas but rather just part of my thought process as I work through things.  This post will be one of those musings.

I am going to try to fold together a couple of ideas and hope that the result will be at least somewhat coherent and understandable.  So here goes.

The Bible tells us that we are divine artistry, created in God’s image.  I have often pondered just what that means.  I have come to understand it to mean that as God is creator, he imbued us with creativity.  But while God has the ability to create ex nihilo, out of nothing, we are limited to creating out of what God has created.  Johannes Kepler, the founder of physical astronomy, saw it as “thinking God’s thoughts after Him.”

I find creativity and the creative process fascinating.  Creativity has needs.  It requires space, not just physical space, but intellectual and spiritual space as well.   Freedom is a requisite to creating.  Creativity demands energy and passion.  And we need confidence.  Lacking any of these our creativity is stifled.

We all have things that are valuable to others.  My reading of the Bible tells me that we are called to share those things.  We have the ability to release the creativity of others, to inspire them to explore and use their creativity.  The New Testament is rife with what are called the reciprocal commands, the “one another” commands.   Greet, love, honor, be kind to, encourage, build up, pray for, serve – the list goes on and on.  In doing so we can help others to reach their dreams and achieve the impossible.

I have been blessed with people in my life who do many of these things for me.  I have a few who are exceptionally good at it.  They believe in me.  They encourage me to be who I am and allow me to do so.  In doing that they inspire the confidence and courage I need to be creative.  From time to time they offer gentle guidance.  At times when I am completely blind to the patterns I have developed that interfere with my relationships with God and with others, they love me enough to have the courage to be not so gentle.  I thank God for them.

I have a heart for others.  I want to see others excel at their purposes and realize their dreams.  I want to encourage them, support them, and help them build the confidence and courage they need to excel.  I want to do all I can to assist them in reaching their goals.  But I don’t just want this stimulation of others’ creativity to be something I do when I feel like it.  I want it to be intentional.   God is intentional with me and therefore I am called to be intentional with others.

In fact I am determined to make everything in my life intentional.  I want my relationships to be intentional.  I have determined to choose to love and to plan how I will love instead of spontaneously loving when it feels right.  I have determined to love all those whom God puts in my path, not only those who are easy to love, but also those who may be very difficult to love.

I aspire to being intentional in my faith.  I do not want my faith to be just another self-improvement program, I want it to re-create me.  I want my consciousness of the amazing love God has for me not just to change the way I do things.   I want to move beyond that.  I want it to transform who I am.  I have determined to focus on God’s love in full knowledge that He intends for me to be healed of my wounds and to walk with him in strength and light.

I have a long, long way to go, but I am going.

P.S.  Thanks to all who responded to Feedback Required.  Keep the ideas coming.  Remember, we all have something of value to offer each other.  Inspire me.  Encourage me.  Partner with me in developing this idea.

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