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Day 11: Contemplating leaving home to go home

March 9, 2011

It was a rather scattered day, a reflection of how I’m feeling really.  Chris was occupied with meetings and some of the workers didn’t show today.  Too much Kanaval, I suppose.  Spent some time in the work yard trying to show the workers some ways to make what they are doing easier, but the language barrier proved insurmountable.  I have no “technical” words and my dictionary didn’t help.  Again the problem of too few words in Kreyol, so you have to know how they describe things.

Worked with Annie a bit.  She is very good with what she knows, but since the Rollings were away for quite a while she hasn’t really become part of the family.

Spent some time with Kreyol lessons.  I am hoping my day alone with the installation crew tomorrow will help a bit.  Nothing like being forced to communicate.

My Haitian Home

View from my patio

Sorted through all my pictures and putting together a slide show to use on my return to Canada.  Although I took a lot of photos I wish I had taken more.  There is so much I want to show you all.

I am looking forward to getting back, but would really like to be staying.  It is beautiful and warm, I like the people and I believe I can really accomplish something in this country.

Clean Water installed 2629 filters last year.  That represents safe water for more than 26,000 people. The demand is growing.  Chris was surprised on our trip north that the highway has been greatly improved; this cuts the travel time to Gonaïves in half and opens that area up to us.  There are other possibilities for providing options to those who live in what have been for us unreachable places.

I know that when I get back I have to hit the ground running.  I have so much to do to prepare for coming back and it is imperative that I return to Haiti as soon as possible.  I hope to leave Canada early in May.  Leslie is returning to BC some time in May and Chris will follow a few weeks later.  It is hoped that I will have someone to assist me, and there have been a couple of maybes, but nothing is in place as yet.


A whole bunch of pretty good stuff.  Seller is motivated.  All offers considered.


In the Artibonite

I also need to spend some time with my family in Winnipeg before I return to Haiti.  I’m starting to wonder if there will be enough hours in the day, enough days in the week, enough weeks.

And yet I know all will work out, for this is not my plan,  but God’s.  Therefore there is no need to know all the details right now.  I need only be still and know that He is God.

My time here has not been all that Chris and I hoped.  It has been great, but the things that have been going on with the mission over the past few months have unquestionably detracted from what we had planned.

Just a thought:  In a country where people have so little money, why are there so many lottery booths?

Jubilee Blanc, Gonaive

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  1. kim evans permalink
    March 9, 2011 5:23 pm

    Hey there Barry:

    Wow…thank-you SO much for sharing your experience and for doing so, with such elegance. When do you return to Canada? Do you have a new grandchild yet?
    You are being so used and so led by our maker and l’m proud for you Barry. I will continue to pray that another person “gets the call” giving you companionship and communication when Chris and Leslie are away, giving birth.
    Thanks again Barry.
    Til later

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