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Day 7: Waxing Poetic

March 5, 2011

Thought I’d do something different today.


Land of great contrasts, both beauty and savage.

You keep so much hidden, you beg to be known.

Kind as your trade winds, cruel as your hurricanes

Arms open wide to me, you spit your disdain.

Calling me hither with life of simplicity,

Hiding complexity ‘neath Kanaval mask.

Your head yet held high, a reed bent but not broken

Your quick easy laughter softs rivers of tears.

You dress up your darkness in such vibrant colours,

Your obsession with death against aching for life.

Yet what value life on this tropic island

When still sold for power and profit of some?

Crying for freedom you forge your own shackles.

Tho’ my ears can’t yet hear you, your soul speaks to mine.

Barry Procter


We were very disappointed to learn that Anna, a young American woman who had been here for a week just before I arrived and was considering coming to Haiti, has decided that she cannot join us.  As a consequence, it is very likely that I will be here alone while Chris is away.  It will be very difficult as there will be no English speakers on site.  A few of our staff know enough English to communicate the essentials, and my Kreyol will hopefully have progressed a bit, but I will have no one just to talk to on a daily basis.  I know some of the local missionaries will be available to me, and I am thankful for that.  I would hope that some of you would set aside a little time to communicate with me.  I will have a Haitian phone when I return here, so that will help.  Please pray for this situation.  On the bright side I’ll be forced to learn to function in Kreyol.

A film crew from a medical group that made a donation came in to do a piece on CWH.  They talked to Chris and Leslie about the mission, why they do what they do, how they see the situation in Haiti, and a little bit about how the filters work.  Apparently the film is something to show their contributors so they can see where their money is going.

Street food for supper.  Into Montrouis to buy grès (literally grease, but in reality fried pork), fried plantains, pikliz, a kind of spicy coleslaw, and fresh buns.  All good.

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  1. laurence permalink
    March 5, 2011 7:18 pm

    someone will surely be supplied yet, but i am sure patience for their arrival will probably be required laurence

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